Mr. and Mrs. Estrada
"Just the two of us..."

Said "I Do" on May 28th 2023

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Savannah and Gabriel first met at Jamba Juice, where Savannah was applying for a job.  There were definitely "sparks", but neither of them made a move until their friend Kyle, playing "double agent" helped to get someone to make the first move.  Gabe was the one who first asked Savannah to go on a hike, and she, of course, said YES!  They have been together for 8 amazing years.  Over Thanksgiving break, Gabe and Savannah were spending time at his mom's house, and although it was just a normal vacation, Savannh suspected something more was going to happen.  She had gotten her nails done for the first time in a long time, and says "when you know, you know"...her gut feeling was right, because Gabe had planned a beautiful private wine tasting.  They were taking a cellar tour, and they ended up walking down a hallway filled with candles and roses, and Gabe pulled her into a rose petal heart and got down on one knee.  "At this time, I was sobbing, saying 'are you sure'?" Savannah recalls.  She also apologized for crying.  Gabe was definitely sure, and after a beautiful speech, Savannah said YES for the second time!

When asked what she loves most about Gabe, Savannah said, "I love that he is the first person I want to call when there is good news or bad news, and that he always makes me feel safe.  He is one of the best people that I know due to his kindness, love, strength and dedication."

Just the two of us...


When asked what he loves most about Savannah, Gabe said, "Savannah's laugh and smile are the most important things to me.  If I can get her to do that at least once a day, it's a good day (even when she's laughing at me)."


Savannah and Gabe love vintage items and "old things", which is one of the reasons they chose the iconic Kaleidoscope Inn and Gardens in Nipomo for their amazing wedding.  Savannh especially loved the natural rose covered gazebo and all of the greenery.  It's a vintage feel in a small town, and that's exactly what these two wanted for their special day!  And a special day it was, with all of thier friends and family in attendance.  Savannah looked GORGEOUS in her gown, and Gabe looked every bit the handsome Groom.  Their Bridal Party supported them 100%...and provided lots of fun and laughter.  These two people are destined for a charmed life together, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Mr. and Dr. Estrada!!!  Congratulations, you two!

So sit back, grab a kleenex and enjoy the "Estrada's" amazing day!  If you see a photograph or more that you absolutely love, you can purchase prints, canvases or wall art directly through this website and your order will be shipped directly to your door. 


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